Law Enforcement Intelligence Report


"These case studies and Supreme Court decision CDs are the best and most up to-date available."
— Dept. Chief Corey MacDonald, Esq.
Portsmouth, NH
"These CDs are first rate. I use them in all of my classes."
— James Christensen
Law Enforcement Coordinator
Vermilion Community College
"I have purchased the DVD Audio of Automobile without a Warrant a few weeks ago and have listened to it. It is filled with very useful information."
— Kevin L. Liles, M.P.A. Chief, University Police
University of South Carolina, Aiken
"I bought one and liked it so I bought another and liked that too."
— Chief Rod Bradley
Denison, IA
Mr. MacDonald,
"I just finished viewing your School Safety webinar and I am impressed; it should be required viewing for all school principals. Putting your principles in place will change our school and will certainly make it a safer place. Thank you again for an excellent and informative webinar."

— Mark Blomquist
Associate Principal
Inglewood Middle School
Sammamish, WA


Tarrytown, New York, Seminar Comments
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Rosemont, IL, Seminar Comments
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New Brunswick, NJ, Seminar Comments
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St. Paul, MN, Seminar Comments
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Seminar Comments

"Excellent presentation — Sgt. MacDonald obviously knows current issues and has great ideas for working with young people today."
— Terri Green
Denison ISD, Denison, TX
"Corey was personable and approachable. I appreciated the fact that he answered most questions that I came in the door with."
— Alison Frary
Grapevine, Texas, seminar attendee
"Very informative; speaker (Sgt. MacDonald) made it interesting and was funny as well."
— Kristen Lindley
Grapevine, Texas, seminar attendee
"I thought it was a great program by Sgt. MacDonald. I really learned a lot."
— John Fitzgerald
School Resource Officer, Lexington, KY, seminar attendee
"I am impressed with Sgt. MacDonald's depth of knowledge and his insights that can help school resource officers and school administrators to be proactive."
— Jim Devine
Chicopee Public Schools, Chicopee, MA
"Would enjoy more training time with Jeff Daniel and Corey MacDonald."
— Randall Burch
Bartow County Campus Police Dept., GA
"Excellent presentation on drugs in school — good information"
— Michael Vinelli
Ashland Police Department, Ashland, MA
"Andy and Kim were both very knowledgeable of the subject. This has been one of the most informative presentations that I have attended."
— Christie Lifsey
Martin Police Department, Martin, TN
"Andy Obuchowski was great – could have been an all-day presentation!"
— Sue Linetzky
St. Hugo of the Hills School, Bloomfield Hills, MI
"This was one of the best, most informative workshops that I've attended. The material (as an all-girls school administrator) was extremely relevant to our daily "battles" … First speaker (Andy O. ) was a very natural speaker. But again, overall fantastic job!!"
— Emily Hanson
St. Joseph Academy, Cleveland, OH
"Thank Andy for the humor appropriately placed to liven the presentation."
— Steve Massengill
Lincoln Park Public Schools, MI
"All technology and internet subjects were very good."
— Brian Doss
Atlanta, GA, Seminar
"The overall subject matter was totally interesting and relevant. I most appreciated Andy's presentation."
— Amie Berryhill
Muskegon Technical Academy, Muskegon, MI
"All were informative. Sgt. Andrew was wonderful! Great Info!"
— Michelle Moore
St. Linus Catholic School, Dearborn Heights, MI
"Sgt. Andrew Obuchowski was very informative and his presentation should be longer!"
— Carnel L. Smith
Horizon Science Academy, Toledo, OH
"Appreciated the CDs to take home. Interesting material – especially Sgt. Andy's."
— Christy Hensley
International School of Minnesota, Eden Prairie, MN
"Andy was very knowledgeable and had a great presentation on both subjects. Nice accent!"
— M. Drapcho, Pittsburgh, PA