Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Introducing —

What would you do?

A Report for Police Departments
For law enforcement leaders, it is all about decision making.
  • Make the wrong decision and suffer the consequences.
  • Make the right decision and keep making them — you get accolades and promotions.
How do you improve decision making? By understanding the process and by practice!
Each month subscribers receive 10 statement of facts. Five of them deal with decisions involving personnel discipline, and five involve decisions made during a law enforcement activity. After the facts, the reader is asked — in a series of yes and no or multiple choices questions — what would you do? Then the reader is provided the answers and the reasoning behind the correct decision and the source material.
Annual Subscription (12 issues): $125
Your annual subscription includes a free CD that addresses both split-second and deliberative decision making: Removing Bias from your Decision Making.
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