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The Drug Report for Police

A resource to combat heroin and other illicit drugs
A monthly digital publication that reports on the activities, strategies of police departments, communities, schools and other law enforcement agencies in dealing with the issues around the use and abuse of heroin and other illicit drugs. Also reported are the latest court decisions in this area, videos that will help, how social media is being used, news that is important, and information that you should know. Editor: Henry M. Quinlan, Esq., founding editor of the Narcotics Law Bulletin and the Search and Seizure Bulletin.
What you will learn from the April Issue!
How Police Departments are Responding
  1. A police department that will carry narcan.
  2. Police warn about heroin-fentanyl mix.
  3. Police prepare to use "Drugstat".
  4. Police and DEA use wiretaps to breakup heroin cell.
  5. Task force lists it resources and services online.
  6. Police measure impact of new Narcotics Unit.
  7. Police issue statement with link to anonymous tip page.
Court Decisions
  1. USSC decision – Using gun in aiding and abetting drug crime.
  2. USSC – Preserving availability of forfeiture property post indictment.
  3. State Court – Search of a home of a friend w/o a warrant.
  4. State Court – When is a house abandoned? Search w/o a warrant.
Drugs in Schools – How schools and police are responding to drugs in schools
  1. Chief warns that drugs are in all schools – organizes informational program.
  2. State police address students and use new video, "5 Minutes for Life".
  3. Community and school administers organize against heroin overdoses.
Community Response - How other members of a community are responding to drugs
  1. Police and social services work together.
  2. County proposes "Last Chance Treatment" facility.
What would you do?
  1. Three case studies that present a fact scenario and ask the reader what he would do under the same circumstances.
  2. On another linked page will be the answer.
Video Clips – links to video clips that can aid departments in fighting drugs
  1. Prosecutor training police to use narcan
  2. Prosecutor's video aimed at middle and high school students.
What you should know section
  1. Information about a new prescription pain killer.
  2. Facts about impact of Drug Courts from new survey.
  1. New information about new combination drug.
  2. A police chief who proposes legalization.
  3. A Governor who devotes his inauguration speech to plague of heroin.
  4. A Judge convicted of heroin use and abuse.
The publishing premises for this newsletter are:
  1. No one can think of everything and sometimes when you see what someone else is doing while facing the same or similar problems you can adapt what they are doing to your own situation.
  2. The law is dynamic and law enforcement ought to be aware of the latest court decisions relative to combating the scourge of heroin.
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"This is the type of information I need to help my department fight the scourge of drugs in my community."
— Deputy Chief Corey MacDonald, Portsmouth, NH, PD
"I can learn from the experiences of others and keep track of the latest information in this ongoing battle against drugs. This is what I want."
— Lou Pacheco, Head of Special Operations, Bristol County D.A.'s Office
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