Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Three Must Have Knowledge Points for Police Chiefs

Effective and respected leaders keep up to-date on these three topics. Three DVDs will provide the latest information and prevent problems.

Email and Social Media

Nothing can disrupt a department more than irresponsible online quotes like "The Chief is a Jerk" by a sworn officer or civilian employees' extensive shopping online. Dep. Chief Corey MacDonald, Esq. provides guidance for police chiefs in setting policies and using discipline to enforce those policies. Learn how to view your community through social media.

Police and Videos – The Law, the Good and the Bad

With videoing being the basis for many civilian suits against police officers and departments it is imperative that a police chief understand the mistakes police make when dealing with videoing of police performing their duties. Municipalities are suffering millions of dollars in damages because mishandling of videos involving police performing their duties. Many of them could have been avoided if the officers understood how to handle the videos. There are positive uses of videos.

Decision Making for Law Enforcement

A police chief makes many decisions every day. It is imperative that they be made without bias or prejudice, be they instant, split-second or deliberative decisions. There is a test for making a good decision, four questions to ask yourself before making a decision. See why the police commissioner of NYC made one decision after an email threat and the LAPD chief made another.
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A good leader knows the value of keeping abreast of changes in the use of technology.
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