Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Supervising a Cyber Cop

Lt. Tom Smith of the Collier County Sheriff's Department sets forth the necessary steps to organize, fund and manage a high tech unit. Particular attention devoted to discovering the officer that has gone over to the "dark side". He sets forth the make-up of the ideal computer crime unit.
Table of Contents
  1. Brief Background
  2. "What this presentation IS Not"
    1. Not a 'technical how to" for a Forensic Examiner
    2. Not a " step by step guide" for the U/C
    3. Not for a discussion setting up an 'on-line chat'
    4. Not a nuts and bolts on "Technology " or "Cyber Crimes"
  3. "What this presentation IS"
    1. A Reminder as a Law Enforcement Manager or Investigator as to what's ahead if you're in this field
    2. Summary: A 'self-starting guide' for cyber cops & Managers in running a Computer Forensic Unit
  4. Starting a "Cyber Cop Unit"
    1. Agencies delve into Cyber Crimes in a variety of ways/ Some agencies:
    2. Don't have a clue what to do
    3. Depend on other agencies for expertise
    4. Plod through cases as they receive them
    5. Assign one Invest to the task
    6. Have a formalized / specialized unit
    7. Every agency needs:
    8. Be able to investigate what is brought to them
    9. Have experience beyond conventional investigations
    10. Have specialized equipment at the ready
    11. A level of expertise with extends into court room
    12. Based on size of agency and budget
    13. Some agencies have to start slow
    14. Others can jump right in
    15. Every agency should start this effort now!
    16. Internet investigations are very broad scoped and can be found in all aspects of any conventional crime act
  5. Agency need to do the following:
    1. Need to determine organizational capability
    2. Funding sources identified
    3. Availability of regional / state resources
    4. Polices and procedures
    5. Developing the right 'team'
  6. What is the Perfect Cyber Crime Unit
    1. Formally budgeted crime unit
    2. Integrated, involvement and MOU's with State and Federal Task force
    3. Designated Prosecutors
    4. Close Ties to your Agency's Child Crime Investigation Unit
    5. Liaison with other investigative areas of the agency
    6. Fully equipped forensic capability
    7. Dedicated Law Enforcement staff
    8. Training, Training, Training
    9. Hiring / Promotion Process changed
    10. Investigators involved in 'prevention / public education' programs in addition to cases
    11. Method of showing effectiveness & accountability
    12. Command staff on board
    13. Command staff understands uniqueness of tasks
    14. Dedicated to Computer Forensic positions
  7. What is Computer Forensics
    1. Identification, collection, preservation, extraction, documentation and interpretation of Electronic Storage Media for evidentiary value.
    2. Computer Forensic methodology similar to other lab methodology
    3. It is not just hard drive imaging and finding Porn
    4. There is liability and risk to think of
  8. Technology Triangle in Building a Cyber Unit
    1. Space – where does it fit organizationally/physical
    2. Time – implementation plan, funding, case loads
    3. People – who supervises, training, selection
    4. Money – Proper funding / acquisition (specialty grants, foundations, fees)
  9. Unit Policy – Content for a Good Police
    1. Manager's Goal – Be Prepared & Stay Prepared, Protect what you have created, be local 'experts'
    2. Educate your Agency – Educate Command staff, Teach Patrol officers, make your unit available
    3. Public Relations Aspects – work with local imaging labs, communication and media
    4. Defining Productivity – Ration of Input to Output, what is your measure (# calls, # of drives)
    5. Formal MOU & Task Forces – 'contract style' agreements and commitment
    6. Good Policies & Procedures: What is a Agency Policy vs. Unit Procedures, Define Productivity Procedures
  10. Review of the Unit Structure
    1. Office Space for Cyber Crimes – lockable;
  11. Cyber Unit Needs (Basic, Mid Range Full Scale)
  12. Review "The Dark Side" – dealing with stress
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