Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Social Media and Law Enforcement

This DVD reveals the dangers and difficulties that law enforcement agencies can encounter when using social media and advises on how to minimize and eliminate those dangers and difficulties.
DVD length: 55 min.
Filmed Dec. 2011
Is your department using social media yet? If not – it's time to get started. Social media is one of the best communication tools a police department or other law enforcement agency can use. It's powerful, interactive, far-reaching and instantaneous – using web-based and mobile technologies. But how and where do you get started with social media?
Robert Devine, an executive officer with the Stoughton, MA, Police Department and social-media expert helps you make sense of social media in the all-new DVD Social Media and Law Enforcement. He explains the types of social media being used, and explores the benefits and risks of using social media. He gives you a first-hand look at how police agencies are using social media, and explores the importance of establishing a social media policy. He also shares examples of social media in prosecutions. Highlights of what you'll learn include:
How to use social media to:
  • Directly communicate with the public
  • Tell your story without a third party filter
  • Receive tips on crime
  • Anticipate crime
  • Find fugitives
  • Find missing persons
  • Gather intelligence
  • Conduct investigations
  • Issue scam warnings and other alerts
  • Recruit
  • Control rumors
  • And much more!
How criminals are using social media and how to combat them:
  • Flashmobs/robs
  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Bullying (cyberbullying)
  • Fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Other traditional crime
  • And much more!
Don't get left behind! Learn how to make social media work for your department today!
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