Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Using Social Networking Sites for Investigations

MySpace – Facebook – YouTube – Hi5
Sgt. Andrew Obuchowski of the Millville, MA, Police Department, is a Professor of Criminal Justice at Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA, and a Computer, Cell Phone and Video Forensic Analyst. He is a member of the Massachusetts Financial Crimes Task Force, and the Regional Electronic & Computer Crime Task Force -Raynham, MA. In this DVD, Sgt. Obuchowski will explain how social networking sites work, and how law enforcement officials can use social networking sites for investigations.
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Social Networking Sites: Free Online Database
    1. Background Investigations
      1. Prospective Employees
      2. Current Employees
    2. Criminal Activity
      1. Narcotic/Underage Alcohol Consumption
      2. "Party in the Woods"/"Parents on Vacation"
      3. Pictures Taken with Stolen Property
      4. Gang Signs & Tagging
    3. Sense of Anonymity
      1. Hide Age, Sex, Location, Picture
      2. Job Occupation, Income, Qualifications
      3. Hidden Interests, Hobbies & Life Events
    4. Easier to Make Statements when not Face-To-Face
      1. Ever Talk behind Someone's Back?
      2. iMake False Statements on the Telephone?
  3. Recent News
    1. Teens pose as females online to meet men; then attack and rob victims by gunpoint.
    2. False website created about police officer, depicting interest in young boys. Suspect was high school student previously arrested.
    3. Five families sue website for causing their children to fall victim to pedophiles online.
    4. Teenager with unusual online job occupation; selling drugs and using Paypal to accept payments.
    5. VA Tech Shooting – Parents used MySpace to communicate with students; cellular towers jammed.
  4. Five Leading Social Networking Sites
    1. Facebook
      1. Must be at Least 13 Years Old
      2. No Longer Need School Email Address
      3. Pictures
      4. Email/Groups
      5. Events/Marketplace
      6. Search Capabilities: Regions, Colleges, Workplaces, High Schools
    2. Gizmo.NET
      1. Upload Pictures
      2. Account Settings
      3. Email & IM
      4. Friend Requests
      5. Announcements
      6. Search: School, General Info, Email Address, Name
    3. Hi5
      1. Pictures/Video/Email
      2. Groups/Friends
      3. Add Schools
      4. Search: General, School, Email, Name
    4. Craig's List
      1. Community Bulletin Board: Dating; Items for Sale; Jobs; Housing; Services
      2. Posting Menu: Jobs; Services; For Sale; Wanted Items; Events; Roommates
    5. MySpace
      1. 180 Million Users Worldwide
      2. Upload Pictures/Video; Link Pictures/Video
      3. Send Email/IM
      4. No Validation to Sign Up
      5. Surveys; Available from other Sites
      6. Free Service
      7. Personal Schedules
      8. Location/Schools: Search Schools by City
      9. Employment: Search by; Name, Display Name, Email Address, Zip Code, Area, Alumni, Ethnicity, Age, etc.
  5. Other Popular Social Networking Sites
    1. Xanga; Bebo; Live Journal; Friendster; MiGente; Black Planet
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