Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Sandy Hook School Shooting — Lessons Learned for Law Enforcement

Why you should buy this DVD —
There have been 44 school shootings since the Sandy Hook School tragedy.
What you will learn in this 75-minute DVD:
  • Responding to an active shooter —the importance of immediate entry.
  • New FEMA recommendations for responding to active shooter.
  • What are the essential medical devices for a school?
  • The best training program to prepare for an emergency event.
  • Who should be the training partners for police?
  • Flexibility is essential – fight, flight or hide.
  • The essentials of a good evacuation plan.
  • What constitutes an effective robo call to parents?
  • Steps to take now to protect privacy rights.
  • How to control self-dispatch of other officers.
  • The criteria for the best assembly point after evacuation.
  • Lockdown or evacuate – who decides?
  • The best response to PTSD for officers and their families.
  • Steps to take to harden school buildings.
  • What to expect on social media after an event.
  • The reason mental health issues should be brought forward.
  • The value of memorial services and memorials.
Featured in the DVD: Henry Quinlan, Esq., Publisher of Omni Publishing Co., organized and spoke at 4 seminars on this topic. Also you will hear from a Sandy Hook teacher, a parent and the police chief of Newtown as well as police 911 calls.
You will also receive an accompanying CD that contains all of the photos taken in the investigation as well as the full investigation report from the District Attorney. It covers more than 700 pages. Plus, receive a FREE DVD with your order: Are you prepared for an Active Shooter? Featuring Sgt. Todd Hammitt, El Dorado County Sheriff's Dept., CA
Recently received emails:
"I attended the seminar last August and took a lot of good info away with it. I am putting in a requisition to purchase your DVD."
Greg Gaetano
Sheriff's Office
Goshen, New York
"The DVD is excellent."
Jane Connell
St. Joan of Arc School
Lisle, IL
DVD Price: $80.00
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