Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Recruiting & Maintaining Informants

Robert A. Levinson F.B.I. (ret) starts with the reasons to recruit an informant then moves on to where to find them and how to recruit them. He emphasizes the necessity of keeping an formant motivated. Same presentation he gave to F.B.I. agents all across the country.
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Informants
    1. Territory Informants
    2. Crime-based Informants
    3. Case Based Informants
  3. Why Recruit Informants
    1. Can Identify Career Criminals
    2. Can Expedite Investigations
    3. Can resolve cold cases
    4. Can identify crimes in the making
  4. Where to find Informants
    1. Best locations
    2. Best types of occupations
  5. Ice Breakers
  6. Person Targeted
    1. Characteristics
  7. Informants
    1. Reviewing closed files
    2. Liaison
    3. Incarcerated Individuals
    4. Family Members
    5. Telephone Complainants
    6. Walk-in Complainants
  8. How to Make the "Pitch"
    1. How to Establish Rapport
    2. Sell Yourself not the Agency
  9. How to Motivate an Informant
    1. Considerations for Recruitment
    2. Finding What Works
    3. Informants aren't Friends
    4. Sell Yourself
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