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Preventing Lethal School Violence: Lessons from Successful Outcomes

Jeff Daniels, Ph.D., of Indiana University Bloomington, has done some unique research into the problem of school violence. In this DVD, he recounts what he has learned from studying successful interventions in school settings. He focuses on a number of different intervention scenarios, including hostage and barricade events that were resolved, and shooting and bombing plots that were discovered and averted. Professor Daniels describes common profiles and themes that emerge in school violence situations, and offers detailed recommendations for preventing and intervening in these situations. Professor Daniels' research includes hours of one-on-one interviews with individuals involved in potentially lethal situations that had successful outcomes.
Specific topics covered on this DVD include:
  1. Potentially Lethal School Violence (LSV)
    1. Defined
    2. No clear cut causes
  2. Common Themes Widespread across Many School Shooters
    1. Outcast, popularity, bullying, fringe group membership, acceptance, mental illness, persecution, revenge, misfit, feeling disconnected.
  3. FBI Study of School Shooters Finds Common Dynamics
    1. Personality Dynamics: alienation; narcissism; failed relationships; poor coping skills; anger; signs of depression; lacking empathy; dehumanizing others; masking low self-esteem; intolerance; distrustfulness; fascination with violence-filled entertainment.
    2. Family Dynamics: turbulent parent/child relationships; acceptance of pathological behavior; access to weapons; child "rules the roost"; no limits or monitoring of TV and internet.
    3. Social Dynamics: media, entertainment, technology; delinquent peers; drugs and alcohol; copycat effect.
    4. School Dynamics: lack of attachment to school; tolerance of disrespectful behavior; inequitable discipline; inflexible culture; pecking order among students; code of silence.
  4. Learning from Successful Interventions
    1. Studies of armed hostage/barricade events in schools that ended peacefully.
    2. Studies of schools at which a rampage shooting/bombing plot was uncovered.
  5. Recommendations for Successful Interventions:
    1. Establish threat assessment team.
    2. Help students connect to their school.
    3. Establish culture of respect
    4. Set clear, concrete rules for behavior.
    5. Break the code of silence.
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