Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

A Guide to for Police Officers

Sgt. Corey MacDonald, Esq. presents the basics of and how to log on; how to search for people; how to make your site private; the benefits of registering as a police officer and not undercover ; how to discover who students are who use anonymous names.
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction and the reason he decided to go on
  2. Description of
    1. The new hour long phone call
    2. Who controls it
    3. Why it is not a fad
  3. Why law enforcement should know about
    1. Access to private conversations that are not protected
    2. Find admissions of criminal behavior
    3. Excellent intelligence tool
    4. Developing informants
  4. Demonstration
    1. How to register
    2. establishing an online persona
    3. Do's and Don'ts of communication on
    4. How to navigate
    5. Use of pictures
    6. Friends
    8. surveys
  5. Supervision
    1. Role of on-line log
    2. Department supervisors and school
    3. Dealing with the Press
    4. Informing parents of potential problem
  6. Seizing Information
    1. Preserving a page
    2. Printing a Page
    3. Introducing a page in Court
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