Law Enforcement Intelligence Report


Three Must Have Knowledge
Points for Police Chiefs

How to Build
Your Emotional Pension

A Guide for Police Chiefs:
Cyber Security and Law Enforcement

Email and Social Media
and the Law

Decision Making for
Law Enforcement

Sandy Hook School Shooting
Lessons Learned for
Law Enforcement

Lessons Learned for Police
Boston Marathon
Bombing & Manhunt

Social Media in the Workplace
for Police Departments &
other Law Enforcement Agencies

Target Hardening &
other Responses
to School Violence

Social Media and
Law Enforcement

Are You Prepared for an
Active Shooter?

Bullying Prevention: Extinguishing
the Fuel Behind School Violence

Insuring Safety at
School Athletic Events

Supervising a Cyber Cop

A Police Officer's Guide to
Social Networking Sites

Advanced Investigations of and other
Social Networking Sites

Coming & Going to School:
Abduction Prevention Training

Preserving Digital Evidence
for Court

A Guide to Investigating
a Cold Case

Email & Instant Messaging
Investigations and Tracking

A Guide to
for Police Officers

Recruiting and
Maintaining Informants

Digital Forensics and
Investigative Hurdles

A Patrol Officer's Guide
to Recognizing Signs and
Symptoms of Drug Impairment

School Security: Crisis
Management and Evacuations

Preventing School Violence Techniques

Digital Mayhem in Schools

Using Social Networking Sites
for Investigation

Dealing with the Media in a Crisis

How to Create an Evacuation
Plan in the Workforce

Profiling a Person Who
has the Potential for Violence

Using the Internet to Support Your Testimony in Court

Why Violence in School Happens

An Education Based Drug
Enforcement Program

Preventing Lethal School Violence

Violence Prevention Techniques

School Safety &
Social Networking Sites

The Tragedy of Columbine

Disarming a Student
in the Classroom