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How to Build Your Emotional Pension

Getting all you can out of your retirement years
This should be shown to every department employee who is retiring in 5 years — every year!
Most retirement planning involves financial planning and very little is devoted to the soft side of retirement. This is a very unbalanced approach that often leaves the retiree being befuddled by new emotional issues that arise, which money cannot address.
Often cops have short retirements — there is a reason.
In preparing for retirement many often overlook the opportunity to build a new rewarding life for possibly the next 25 to 30 years. Paying attention to the so-called soft side of retirement – asks you to consider what your day-to-day life will look like. This is the threshold question.
This DVD cites of examples of successful retirements, the right questions to ask and focuses you on future problems that you now do not think will arise. Learn to make your retirement life your retirement life.
Presented by Henry M. Quinlan, 76-year-old grandfather, attorney, publisher, tennis player and seeker of new horizons.
"I have seen Henry give this presentation. It was a great help to me. Now I know why my brother–in–law struggles in retirement." — David Troy
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