Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

A Guide for Police Chiefs: Cyber Security and Law Enforcement

Your website is frozen by ransomware – what would you do?
  • Pay to free it?
  • Leave it and start of new website?
  • There is a better way (Buy this DVD)
An officer receives an email and opens a link, causing the computer network to slow down because of a virus. It is called spear-phishing.
  • Best defense is non-technology training (Buy this DVD)
A local businessman calls and says his computer system has been hacked and $500 was taken from his account. What would you do?
  • Tell him to call the F.B.I. (Really? Do you think he will get help? This will not make a supporter of your department.)
  • Tell him how to cleanse his computer and to secure his data (Buy this DVD)

There are defenses to Ransomware and Hacking!

Do you know what false security is?
  • Relying on your firewall (Buy this DVD and See Why)
Do you know if your computers have been hacked?
  • There are clear signs (Buy this DVD)
Nothing is changing faster than the frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks and computer hacking directed at police departments and other law enforcement agencies. As the F.B.I. noted on April 22, 2015.
Recent law enforcement hacking stories: This is what can happen!
Names and Addresses of 700 Police Officers Released by Hacker – Police Union Computer Hacked Unknown Quantity of Info Copied – Hackers Obtain Name of Confidential Informant – Passwords – Police Reports, Intelligence Reports, Arrest Warrants and Sex Offender Information – Hacking from Within a Police Department by Auxiliary Officer – Four Departments Locked up at Once, Common Computer Network – Police Pay $500 Bitcoin Ransom – Sheriff Pays $572.00 to Hacker – Detroit Refuses to Pay Hacked Files not that Important – Department Website Taken Down for More than 12 Hours – Ransom Paid By Police Department After Computers Locked – Sheriff Refuses to Pay Ransom – Lock Cruiser
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