Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Email & Instant Messaging – Investigations & Tracking

Kimberly Nardone, M.S., LMHC, founder of Lynnfield Counseling and Mediation in Lynnfield, MA, has collaborated for the last 12 years with school systems, outpatient mental health agencies, district courts and local law enforcement agencies. Ms. Nardone specializes in violence prevention and cultivating safe school climates. In this DVD, Ms. Nardone examines bullying and presents specific strategies to resolve and reduce incidents of bullying in school.
Table of Contents
A DVD featuring Andrew Obuchowski, Jr., a police officer who has a degree in computer forensics, teaches at Anna Marie College, and is a member of a Computer Crime Task Force.
Table of Contents
  1. Internet Basics
    1. What is the Internet?
    2. Getting Online
    3. Internet Service Providers (ISP)
      1. Types of connections
    4. Internet Protocol (IP)
      1. Definition
    5. IP Addresses
      1. Static
      2. Dynamic
    6. DNS Records
      1. Examples
  2. Instant Messaging Investigations
    1. File Transfer Protocol
      1. Web
      2. Dos
    2. Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
      1. Sharing files/music between computers
      2. Download file from user(s)
      3. WinMx, Bear Share, ABC, Kazaa
    3. Chat
      1. Pedophile and XXX haven
      2. Public/private chat rooms
      3. Exchange files/photos
      4. Public profiles
      5. Instant Messaging (IM)
      6. Includes text, sounds, videos and pictures
      7. Rooms frequently change
      8. Used to traffic in illegal activity
    4. IM: Recording & Investigating
      1. Step-by-step instructions to recording and reporting
  3. Email Investigations
    1. Email
      1. Most widely used
      2. Finding geographical location
      3. Most investigations involve email
      4. Hiding identity
    2. Email addresses
      1. Identifying users
      2. Examples
    3. Post Office Protocol (POP)
      1. Protocol for receiving email
    4. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
      1. Protocol for sending email
    5. Examples
    6. Tracing Email
      1. Original file needed
      2. Can't forward email
      3. Some information is difficult to forge
      4. Must view full email header
      5. Examples
    7. Reading Email Headers
      1. Mail server distributes email
      2. Message may be passed to computers hosting email before reaching destination
    8. Email Body Reading
      1. HTML email
      2. Links may be disguised
      3. See hyperlink address
    9. Anonymous Remailers &Proxy Servers
      1. Common practices of re-mailers
      2. Common practices of proxy servers
    10. Recording Email Evidence
      1. Saving and printing email.
      2. Web based options
    11. Email Investigation Summary
      1. Locating originating IP address
      2. Finding information for IP address
      3. Sending preservation letter
      4. Government process for information
    12. Obtaining Information from an ISP
      1. Two important items for investigation
      2. Search warrant/subpoena necessary
      3. Multiple ISP's/multiple suspects
      4. Dial-up ISP's recycle IP addresses
    13. Simple Sites/Tools
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