Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Digital Forensics and Investigative Hurdles

Featuring Andrew Obuchowski, Jr.
Sgt. Andrew Obuchowski provides an overview of computer forensics and the different software programs available. Other topics include remote based forensics, cell phone and PDA forensics and how spoof cards work. There is an explanation of investigative hurdles that can be encountered.
Table of Contents
  1. Computer Forensics Overview
  2. Adware and Spyware
    1. How they work
    2. Key Logging Software
    3. Malware Detection Software
  3. Commonly Used Forensic Software Programs
    1. Wetstone Technologies
    2. Paraben – Device Seizure
    3. Guidance Software
    4. Access Data
    5. Image Scan – FBI
  4. Lab Based Forensics
    1. Benefits of conducting forensics in a lab
    2. Certification of labs
  5. Remote Based Forensics
    1. Pros and cons of conducting forensics remotely
    2. Basic equipment needed
  6. Cell Phone & PDA Technology & Forensics
    1. Cell phone technology
      1. GSM Phones
      2. CDMA Phones
    2. Blue Tooth vs. WiFi
      1. What is blue tooth?
    3. Retrieving and accessing information
    4. PDAs and Smart Phones
    5. SIM
  7. Coming Next
    1. iPod and xBox forensics
  8. Recent Technology & Cases
    1. How Spoof Cards work
    2. ID Theft
      1. Ebay
      2. Internal Revenue Service
      3. Wireless Sniffers
  9. Technology Investigation Hurdles
    1. Wireless networks
    2. Evidence altering and deletion software
    3. Anonymizers & Proxy Servers
    4. Prepaid CallingCards/Telephones
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