Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Decision Making for Law Enforcement

This all-new DVD will help you avoid reversal by the courts and/or liability by making the right decisions. You will learn:
Split second decision making:
  • What are the components of the split second decision?
  • Why split decisions go wrong.
  • Best training methods for making accurate split second decisions.
Unbiased decision making:
  • Discover what you are programed to decide.
  • How to train officers not be influenced by their biases in their decision making.
  • The necessity of critical thinking for making the right decision.
Intuition is not always right:
  • Examples demonstrating this point.
"Police on the street make all kinds of decisions every day. Not all are life or death decisions, but all are important for good community relations."
A DVD presented by Henry M. Quinlan, Esq., publisher Law Enforcement Intelligence Report, featuring video clips from: Paris, France, Police Dept.; Milwaukee, WI, Police Dept.; The Mormon Church; L.A. Sheriff's Dept.; Camden, UK, Police; Omaha, NE, Police Dept.; and the F.B.I.
The DVD includes questions that will test whether you made the right decision. Read about them and see how they are to be answered!
DVD Price: $65.00
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