Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

School Security: Crisis Management and Evacuations

Vincent Bove, a national recognized speaker on school violence and noted F.B.I. trainer. A comprehensive presentation on all current issues involving the state of school violence and its prevention.
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
    1. News coverage of recent school shootings and prevalence of violence in schools
    2. FBI convictions of corrupt corporate and government officials, including school personnel
    3. Definition of bullying; strategies and resources for administrators, teachers, parents and youth
    4. U.S. Secret Service's National Threat Assessment Center – a report on the prevention of targeted violence in schools
  2. Terrorism
    1. Types of terrorism risks
    2. Terrorism defined
    3. Counter Terrorism Bureau considerations
  3. Understanding Community Issues
    1. Guns at Home
  4. Safe School Initiative – U.S. Secret Service Findings & Implications
    1. School violence incidents are rarely impulsive; attacks are preventable
    2. Breaking the silence
    3. No accurate school shooter profile
    4. Most attackers have easy gun access from home
    5. Bullying prevention strategies are vital
    6. Most attackers exhibited prior alarming behavior showing the need for measured intervention.
  5. Risk Prevention Benefits & Countermeasures
    1. Security profiles and countermeasures
    2. Procedural
    3. Hardware (locks, gates, lights, computers/internet and computer policy)
    4. Electronic (CCTV)
    5. Personnel
  6. Policies
    1. Access control
    2. Emergency preparedness and response evaluation
    3. Bomb threats
  7. Preventing Tragedies
    1. Proactive violence prevention programs in every community
    2. Anger/conflict management training
    3. Countermeasures to inappropriate gun access
  8. What Teachers Can Do to Prevent Tragedies
    1. strategies
  9. What Law Enforcement Can Do to Prevent Tragedies
    1. strategies
  10. What Students Can Do to Prevent Tragedies
    1. strategies
  11. What Principals Can Do to Prevent Tragedies
    1. strategies
  12. Provide Strong Administrative Support for Safety Programs
    1. Personal safety precautions
    2. Youth police academy
    3. School resource officers
    4. Student appreciation events
    5. Crisis management response programs
    6. School watches
    7. A Guide to Safe Schools, published by the Dept. of Education and Dept. of Justice
  13. Leadership Training & Development for Educators
    1. Create a culture of respect
    2. Academic achievement v. character
  14. Training and Testing
    1. Community crisis response program and team, Fort Lee School District, Fort Lee, New Jersey
    2. Full scale exercises
  15. Evacuation Checklist
    1. Plan essentials
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