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Bullying Prevention: Extinguishing the Fuel Behind School Violence

Kimberly Nardone, M.S., LMHC, founder of Lynnfield Counseling and Mediation in Lynnfield, MA, has collaborated for the last 12 years with school systems, outpatient mental health agencies, district courts and local law enforcement agencies. Ms. Nardone specializes in violence prevention and cultivating safe school climates. In this DVD, Ms. Nardone examines bullying and presents specific strategies to resolve and reduce incidents of bullying in school.
Table of Contents
  1. Types of Bullying
    1. Direct Bullying, includes verbal, physical and psychological bullying.
    2. Indirect Bullying, includes rumor spreading, gossiping, deliberate exclusion or shunning.
    3. Internet Bullying, includes cyberbullying, cyber-threats and cyberstalking.
  2. Differences in Male and Female Bullying
  3. Middle School Bullying
    1. Bullying peaks at this age.
    2. Bullies tend to be popular kids with high self esteem.
    3. Main forms of bullying include physical, verbal, social bullying.
  4. High School Bullying
    1. Bullies at this age are more on the social fringe.
    2. Girls experience more social bullying related to rumors, how they look and sexual innuendo.
    3. Boys experience bullying mainly in the form of being hit, slapped or pushed
  5. Cornerstones of Bullying
  6. How Victims of Aggression/Bullying are Affected
    1. higher rates of anxiety and depression
    2. lower academic achievement
    3. more missed school days
    4. increased suicidal/potentially homicidal ideation
    5. increased high risk behaviors
  7. Understanding the Long Term Impact of Bullying
    1. Aggressors: Five times as likely to become adult criminals as non-aggressors.
    2. Bystanders: If not taught to stand up to aggression can become desensitized toward the victim and start identifying with the aggressor.
  8. Myths about Targets of Bullying
  9. Common Traits of a Bullying Victim
  10. Common Traits of a Bully
  11. Influences Related to Bullying and Violence
    1. Parenting
    2. Culture
    3. Media
  12. Dangerous Cultural Myths that are Beginning to Change
  13. 7 Keys to Bully Prevention
    1. Seven key steps for schools to resolve and prevent bullying.
  14. Strategies for Parents
    1. Five strategies to help parents deal with a bullying situation.
  15. Does your Bullying Prevention Program include?
    1. Four essential elements all bullying prevention programs should include.
  16. Tips to Remember in the Process
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