Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Lessons Learned for Police — Boston Marathon Bombing & Manhunt

Some of the lessons you will learn in this 60-minute DVD:
  • The best pre-event security planning.
  • Intelligence gathering for local police departments.
  • Post event intelligence gathering.
  • The best training for unexpected events.
  • Who should be the training partners for police?
  • Who should be involved in strategic planning at the scene?
  • Who should be involved in tactical planning at the scene?
  • The need to create depth in department leadership.
  • How to organize self-dispatch police officers.
  • Best use of social media – post event.
  • Organizing on site medical evacuation.
  • Training and equipping for live fire.
  • How to organize multi agency training.
  • Lockdown – house to house search.
  • The best response to PTSD for officers and their families.
  • What to expect on social media after an event.
  • The reason mental health issues should be brought forward.
  • Post event recovery programs.
  • The need for assembly points and creation of "sudden teams."
This DVD features Henry Quinlan, Esq., Publisher of Law Enforcement Intelligence Report and Omni Publishing Co., who organized and spoke at four seminars on this topic.
See and hear the five officers engaged in shootout with terrorists.
Free CD with your order! CD contains all Incident Reviews plus more than 600 photos and three hours of relevant video.
DVD Price: $90.00
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