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The Law & Retaliation

Is there a Duty for a Police Officer to be a Whistleblower?
New multimedia CD
  • Retaliation lawsuits cost local government millions
  • Are your policies keeping up with the law?
  • Whistleblowing v. Blue Wall of Silence
  • Department characteristics that show openness to whistleblowing
  • Biggest structural impediments to whistleblowing
Henry M. Quinlan, Esq.
Publisher Law Enforcement Intelligence Report
Retaliation cases:
Chief personally liable – $755,000 – Hounding officer to quit – $150,000 to officer who accused superiors fudging crime statistics – $325,000 fired for following the law – $455,000 retaliation after reporting superior officer failed firearm test – and more...
The law regarding whistleblowing and retaliation is changing – you should be aware of where it is heading.
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