Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Videoing and Recording Police Officers Making an Arrest

Qualified Immunity
U.S. Courts of Appeal have issued decisions impacting the public's First Amendment right to film and record police officers making an arrest. There are also issues of qualified immunity for police officers who are sued under sec. 1983 of the civil right act. This audio CD explores the implication of these two decisions on police officers.
The decisions – 2012 ACLU v. Alvarez (7th Circuit), 2011, Glik v. Cunniffe, (1st Circuit)
You will learn:
  • Do citizens have the right to video the actions of law enforcement officers?
  • When police interfere with a person's First Amendment Rights.
  • Under what conditions is videoing or recording an arrest a violation?
  • When do police have qualified immunity in videoing or recording arrest?
  • When is there no right to video or record a police officer making an arrest?
  • Can police consent to a recording of an arrest?
  • When is there probable cause for an arrest for recording an arrest?
  • Is there an unlimited right to recording public officials?
Includes a 20 minute audio CD with a PowerPoint presentation.
Featuring Henry M. Quinlan, Esq.
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