Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Use of SL6 Baton Launcher

Qualified Immunity
U.S. Courts of Appeal have issued decisions setting forth the conditions needed to determine if the use of a SL6 baton launcher involves the use of excessive force. There are also issues of qualified immunity for police officers who are sued under sec 1983 of the Civil Right Act. This audio CD explores the implications of these two decisions on police officers.
The decision – Phillips v. Community Insurance Co. United States Court of Appeals
You will learn:
  • The implications of using a SL6 against a drunk driver.
  • The driver must be removed from the car.
  • What level of force is a SL6 baton launcher?
  • How does the fact of a stolen car impact its use?
  • What is the test for qualified immunity?
  • Under what conditions are police officers granted qualified immunity?
  • How to determine if force is excessive?
  • Applying the Graham test to an invasion of Constitutional rights.
  • Factors used in determining "immediate threat."
Includes a 17 minute audio CD with a PowerPoint presentation.
Featuring Henry M. Quinlan, Esq.
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