Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Sexting in Schools and the Law
A Guide for Law Enforcement

  • Can sexting be stopped? No
  • Can it be reduced in quantity? Yes
  • Are all sexts a crime? No
  • Can technology be used to reduce the number of sexts? Yes
  • Can sex education have a significant impact? No
  • Can awareness reduce the number of sexts? Yes
  • Do parents have a significant role? Yes
  • Should police first make an assessment? Yes
  • Can police search a cell phone for evidence of sexting? Maybe
  • Is sexting only done by teens? No
In a new multi-media (11/2015) CD featuring Henry M. Quinlan, Esq., Founder of the School Law Bulletin and publisher of Omni Publishing Co., he provides comprehensive information about sexting in and out of school by students and by adults. The old ways are not working but there are some new methods that show signs of being very effective.
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  • Additional Resources CD
  • The latest court decisions involving sexting
  • Possible responses to students in Colorado case
  • Monica Lewinsky - the First Public Victim - Cyberbullying
  • Consequences for Students who Sext
  • The Sexting Scandal No One Sees
  • Sexting Prevention Strategies
  • Guide to Apps
Sexting is not going away! This Multi-Media CD contains the very latest information on reducing sexting in and out schools by students.
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