Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Police and Videos
Lessons Learned

Basic Assumption – There is a camera somewhere!

Any doubts after NYPD/Mailman Incident?

Failure to account for content of videos by police are costing careers and millions of dollars. Proper use of videos by police enhances the department and the officers.
Police and Videos – The Good and the Bad
What police should know about videos recording police events:
  • Four biggest mistakes police make when dealing with videos of police incidents
  • Best practices to avoid these mistakes
  • The video best practices of civilians videoing police incidents
  • The positive use of videos for police.
  • Using video to solve crimes.
The Police and Videos and the Law
What police officers should know about the law and videoing of police:
  • Two leading decisions that set the standards
  • Limitations of the public's right to video police
  • Distinguishes the law – public or private location
  • A look forward as technology uses increase and the law adjusts
  • First Amendment and Due Process issues explained in detail
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Two Email Threats to School Districts – Same threats - One Police department recommends closing schools the other recommends keeping schools open. Two decisions analyzed.
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