Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Home Entry Without a Warrant

In January 2012 the Supreme Court of the United States issued an opinion clarifying the circumstances when police may enter a home without a warrant.
You will learn:
  • When it is reasonable to enter a home without a warrant.
  • When police have qualified immunity to enter a home without a warrant.
  • The criteria to use when assessing whether an entry is reasonable.
  • What are "objectively reasonable" factors that create fear for the safety of the officers.
  • What is a "rapidly evolving incident" that allows entry to a home without a warrant.
  • Are the circumstances allowing an entry subjective or objective?
  • When the emergency aid exception or the community caretaker exception exist.
"Our patrol team just viewed your Home Entry without a Warrant CD and found it very valuable."
Sgt. John Daley, Police Department, Benicia, CA
Includes a 20 minute audio CD with a PowerPoint presentation.
Featuring Henry M. Quinlan, Esq.
CD Price: $30.00
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