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Connecting the Dots — Compstat for Schools


Don't miss the warning signs associated with violence or bullying in a school! Learn how to use intelligence to prevent school violence and bullying.
This audio CD demonstrates how schools and SROs can set up an intelligence gathering system to detect early warning signs of trouble ahead. It is a basic and simple intelligence gathering system. After too many incidents of violence or bullying, school administrators were forced to admit missing the warning signs. Connecting the Dots will show you how not to miss them. The whole school community is involved. It is budget friendly.
  • The Palo Alto story – a case study
  • Warning Signs of Bullying – No Investigation – Bullying – School Board Not Informed – Law Suit – Dept. of Education Suit for Remedial Action – Remedial Action Taken.
  • Columbine, Paducah, Jonesboro, Phoebe Prince case — each one had plenty of sign posts — why were they missed?
Cameras catch people as they act, intelligence catches them BEFORE they act.
"I have heard this presentation and it is very effective and we are going to implement it."
Mary Jordan, Director, Nashua NH
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