Law Enforcement Intelligence Report

Automobile Search


Scope – Without a Warrant – Exigent Circumstances
This audio CD reports on U.S. Courts of Appeals (2012) decisions and contains six case study exercises for various types of auto searches that police are likely to encounter. Case studies can be used to keep your department leaders up-to-date and train your officers so that they clearly understand what is permissible and what is not.
Do your department policies conform to new decisions involving automobile search? One department requires officers to get departmental authority prior to search an automobile.
Do your officers know the rules?
Incident to an Arrest – After Traffic Stop – Automobile in Compound – Auto in Parking Lot of Apartment Building after Valid Search of Apartment – Use of Narcotic Dog – Exigent Circumstances – Rented Car – Trespass v. Privacy – Scope of Search – Inventorying Impounded Car – Frisk an Automobile – Search of Motor Home – Probable Cause
  • Each case involves issues of a search of an automobile or other conveyance without a warrant. It is essential that your officers understand this concept.
  • The 55 minute CD contains audio, video clips and case studies.
  • The case studies are presented first with a statement of the case and the questions raised (in a printable format) and then the answers with the reasoning behind the answers (also in a printable format). Multiple copies of the case studies can be printed for training purposes.
Free 55 minute DVD – Digital Forensics and Investigative Hurdles – with your order!
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