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Henry M. Quinlan, Esq.
Publisher Law Enforcement Intelligence Report
Henry M. Quinlan, the publisher of Omni Publishing Company has an extensive 30+ years of experience in the publishing of newsletters, books, DVD's and CD's in the law enforcement education field. Some of the highlights of his publishing career are being the founding editor of the School Law Bulletin in 1975; the Arrest Law Bulletin in 1975 and the Narcotics Law Bulletin. He founded Quinlan Press, a book publishing company, in 1986. While engaged in publishing ventures in the former Soviet Union Henry Quinlan was asked by President George H. Bush to organize the publishing of the children's book, "Make Way for the Ducklings" in Russia in 1991. He founded Omni Publishing Company in 1997. Initially the company focused on the law enforcement field through the Law Enforcement Intelligence Report with a newsletter, DVD's and interactive CD's. The company organized a series of seminars on preventing school violence that were attended by law enforcement and school administrators. publications contain the only record available of this information. Other seminars included The Police and the Media, Law Enforcement and the Internet and Detective's Update. The Newsletters are The Police Chief's Intelligence Report and the Police Chief's Funding & Budget Advisory.